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Need local currency? Until now, the only option was the traditional exchange company with long lines and expensive fees. Who wants to wait in line to pay someone high fees and get less of your own money?
CashSwap puts you in control of your money. CashSwap connects you to a community of travelers all looking to save money and enjoy their travel. With CashSwap you just enter the currency you have and the currency you need and CashSwap does the rest. Our geo fencing technology connects you to fellow travelers who match your need.
Click "See My Connections" then use the in-app messaging feature to connect with the Swapper who is the best match. Skip the long lines and the expensive fees. You're one step closer to enjoying your vacation.
The CashSwap suggested rate is always lower than the other guys and without the expensive fees! Join the CashSwap community of travelers and save money with every swap.

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No hidden fees.

We’re on a mission to bring transparency to finance. We charge as little as possible, and we always show you upfront. No hidden fees. No bad exchange rates. No surprises.

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CashSwap is not a bank, financial institution or money transfer company. CashSwap peer-to-peer platform simply links travelers seeking to exchange currency. CashSwap estimates the daily market rate for currency exchange without adding any fees.

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We move over £4 billion every month, and save people and businesses £4 million< in hidden fees every day.